Experience, Experience, Experience

My one and only job in this blog post is to remind you all about what employers care deeply about: experience. I don’t care if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, always ask yourself ,“What have I been doing recently?” If your answer is “nothing” or “studying for midterms,” then you need to get yourself together. Of course you want to have a high G.P.A., we all do, and of course GPA is a factor employers look at. However, what’s going to separate you from the sea of people with higher GPAs? You guessed it, EXPERIENCE.

What is experience you ask? It could be anything really. Volunteering, being an active member of a club, interning, externing, working a part-time job, etc. Your experience doesn’t have to directly relate to your dream job; if it does, than all the power to you. When employers look at your experiences, they do check to see if it’s related to the position your applying for to see if you have a background in that area. However, they also look for transferrable skills, which are skills that can be transferred to basically any position (go figure). For example, volunteering at a homeless shelter and working with others to raise 100 pounds of canned food for the needy would show the employer that you’re great working in teams, which could be what they’re looking for when hiring someone for a certain position.

Now for the question of the day: how do I get experience? Luckily, you’re a student at one of the top universities in the world with a vast amount of resources. No matter what year you’re in, I encourage you all to apply for internships through UC Berkeley’s internship database: Callisto. Aside from that, you can volunteer, join clubs, work part-time jobs, do whatever you have to do to get real world experience. Don’t be afraid to stop by the Cal Career Center if you need more guidance. Just remember, it’s never too late to gain valuable real world experience.


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