Do’s and Don’ts for Interviews

When interviewing for a job, sometimes the people you’re up against are going to be just as qualified and just as experienced as you are.

So what’s going to set you apart from the others? The interview.

The scary people sitting two feet across from you are going to analyze how you present yourself in a professional setting.



Here are a few tips for nailing that interview:



Do: Firm Handshake

A nice, no nonsense, firm handshake is a great way to make a good first impression on your interviewers. A good handshake tells them you are confident, professional, and prepared!


Do: Eye contact

If you have more than one interviewer, just naturally look between both of them. Not looking your interviewer in the eye is just awkward and could be taken as a sign of disrespect.


Don’t: Slouch (sit up straight!)

Body language is extremely important in an interview. Again like a handshake, sitting up straight tells your interviewers you are confident and ready to take on anything in your way.


Don’t: Mumble (speak up!)

Confidence is key! If they can’t understand you, how are you going to convince them you’re the one for the job?


Do: Positive body language

Smile! The interview isn’t just to see if you have the skills and experience; they already know that from your resume. The interview will determine if you are a good fit for the company so be approachable and friendly (but not in a creepy way).


Do: Prepare questions (you’re interviewing them too!)

An interview is a two-way street— remember guys, you are also interviewing them! This is your chance to see if you will be happy working at their company. In addition, the questions you ask should show your interest in the company and that you did your research.Show off a bit!


Do: Send a Thank you Letter after.

People underestimate the power of the “Thank you” letter/email! This should be sent out within 24 hours of your interview. This is your chance to show your professionalism, and it is a reinforcement of how qualified, passionate, and dedicated you are.



Good Luck!

LeAnne Chan Peer Advisor 


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