How To Become A Career-Seeking Professional In Less Than A Month: Advice From A Cal Transfer

Six months ago, when I packed my bags and got on a one way plane from Philadelphia to San Francisco, I moved away from everything and everyone I had ever known to continue my education at the highest-ranked public university in the world and pursue my career aspirations.  Transferring to Cal as a junior, however, meant it was time to start looking at internship opportunities.  Not only was I adjusting to the Berkeley academic system, but as a junior transfer, I felt the pressure to seek jobs and internships like a professional very fast.

With this in mind, I made sure I was completely ready to jump into the career and internship seeking world. Making use of the UC Berkeley Career Center was one of the best resources to make this happen, and by making an essential job seeking to-do list, I could not only get myself completely up to speed, I could get myself noticed.

By taking these steps, you’ll be looking like a pro to recruiters in no time!

1.Visit the Career Center’s website

One of the most important things you can do in preparing to transfer to Cal is visit the UC Berkeley Career Center website to get an idea of the types of services that are available to you now that you are a Golden Bear.  Click around and get a feel for the resources that you can utilize to once you arrive on campus.

2. Visit the ACTUAL Career Center

Stopping by the career center in my first week here at Cal was one of the most important things I’ve done—and it should be one of the most important things on your checklist of first week activities!  By visiting the Career Center, I learned about all the events, workshops, internship fairs, career fairs, infosessions, and so much more that the career center offers—all just for being a Cal Bear! Take home a copy of one of the event guides while you’re at it (you’ll thank me later).

3. Make a Calendar

Now that you’ve gotten caught up on all that the career center has to offer, you need to utilize it. Grab yourself a desk calendar for your dorm and use your event guide to pencil in all the workshops and internship fairs that you can.  Being able to see all your events at once will help you plan in advance.

4. Workshop Workshop WORKSHOP!!

I can’t stress how incredibly useful the workshops at the career center are.  From resume and cover letter writing to making a LinkedIn profile—these workshops will have your portfolio looking like you’ve been mastering it for years. Even if you’ve already made some of those things, go to the workshop anyway; they always have new, useful, and valuable information!

5. Make an Advising Appointment

Now that you know when those important career and internship fairs are, go ahead and make an advising appointment on the career center website prior to the events.  Whether you’re unsure of what type of company you want to work for or how to approach a company you’re interested in, your career counselor will give you the advice and push you need.  The best part is, the appointment website automatically matches you with a counselor for your major! By making a list of career-related questions, you can utilize your time with your major-specific Career Counselor.

Last but not least…


Now that you’ve made use of all the tools you’ve been offered by UC Berkeley’s Career Center, show them off! Remember, you’ve just gotten accepted into the highest-ranked public university in the world. Show those employers what makes you unique and let your inner Golden Bear shine!


Jimmy Napoli
Junior Transfer Mechanical Engineering Major
Peer Advisor


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