Can I Send the Same Resume to Every Job?

Writing resumes for every job seems tedious and unnecessary, but it’s important to do so you can get your dream job/internship. Here are some reasons why and how to make it easier for yourself.

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First off, each position requires different types of experiences and certain types of skills. Sending the same resume does not work to highlight certain aspects of your work experience that can help you standout. If you edit your resume to fit the company’s needs, it shows that you are not only qualified for it, but that you cared enough to edit it for that employer.

Second, employers search for keywords in resumes to match what they’re looking for in a potential employee. Editing your resume means you can put those keywords into your resume so that your resume will show up when they go through applications. On the other hand, make sure that the keyword applies to the position and that you actually did the work.



We recommend that you keep a master resume handy. This will allow you have all of your positions ready to transfer to new resumes you have to create. From there you can just edit some of the bullet point to match the job application.

Also, look at the job description and read it very thoroughly. From there see how you can incorporate some of the language into your resume with similar words. This gives your resume a higher chance of being seen.

Lastly, of course don’t’ hesitate to come into the Career Center for advising on your resume and how to make it perfect for any position you are applying to.   


Good luck!

Angie Mejia 
Peer Advisor



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