It’s Halftime!

spring break


We’re halfway there.  With spring break fast approaching—FINALLY!—it can seem like our time to save the semester is diminishing.  Midterms are lingering, projects are due, that eight-page essay that was weeks away is now due on Friday; it can all seem so overwhelming. How you utilize your time off can be a clear definition of the next month and a half—are you going to let the semester take control of you, or are you going to release your inner golden bear and take control of the semester?  Set aside a day of your break to utilize these tips and the semester is all yours!


Make a list of the little things that need to get done (that maybe you’ve been procrastinating) and GET THEM DONE!

Need to update your resume with that new project? Have to send a syllabus to your department to get a class to transfer? Just need to buy a new pencil case so your pencils don’t pull off another unwanted disappearing act?  Whatever it is you’ve been putting off, now is the time to cross them off of your to-do list.  With these incidentals off your plate, you’ll have no distractions to take away from the successful second half of the semester you are about to have.

Print a calendar.  Make a calendar. USE A CALENDAR!

Now that you’ve gotten the distractions out of the way.  Make a schedule that’ll help you be successful as you finish the semester—it’s time to win the game. Start out by listing every exam date and due date you know as of now.  Seeing this visually will give you a better sense of the importance of creating time for your assignments.  Now give yourself some personal due dates.  You may have to finish that history paper due on the 17th on the 6th in order to be successful on your second bio midterm at the end of the month.  Schedule your ideal timeline of studying/working on assignments, and feel free to write in your teacher’s office hours.  Whatever you add to this schedule, be sure to stick to it. Focusing and powering through those designated times are what’s going to get you the grade you want, and after all this hard work, the grade you deserve!


Follow through and finish strong—you got this Golden Bears!


Jimmy Napoli
Junior Mechanical Engineering Major
Peer Advisor



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