How Dating is Like Recruiting

Why Dating Is Like Finding A Job


You have an online presence

Dating: It’s 2018. Let’s be honest, you have some sort of online presence that says “I’m single” if you’re looking. Whether its some casual fun on tinder, commitment on eHarmony, or in between like Facebook, people can find you. We’ve done this before. Have interest in someone, and with enough curiosity you find everything you need to know. You see your crush’s pictures of them hanging out with friends, working, or a picture of their dog Marley (Hey Marley). Before you even muster the chance to talk to them you already have a general idea of what to ask or how to approach them.

Recruiting: A potential candidate’s presence can be just as important as an in-person impression. A badass resume can provide links to the persons’ other parts of professional life (Linkedin, Twitter, Portfolio). You can see their interests, experience, and maybe a picture of their dog too (If that’s worth mentioning on a resume). From that you can see if they’re looking too!

I’m Different

Dating: You learn about your crush’s background. You learn about their past experiences. Maybe their EX hurt them in such a way that broke their heart. After hearing about this you go, “I’m not like them” and make sure to set yourself apart.

Recruiting: It’s no secret that recruiters can be cold at times. Perhaps you went to one you were excited, and you thought maybe they were “the one”. After some sad songs and an adequate amount drinking or food you soon realize what was really brought to the plate. The experience you had although it was good didn’t set you apart because it was all about the other party and not enough about you. When it comes to recruiting and talking about your experiences, it’s also about setting yourself apart from others who have done this before. Where in the experience can you say, “This defines my work ethic and its not like any others”

Did I just get ghosted?

Dating: Remember that one time you went on a date that was just awesome? The meet up was cool. The conversation went in every direction because it was that fun. You ask, “Can I see you again?”.  They say yes, and after that, you don’t hear from them ever again. Bummer

Recruiting:  Unfortunately, the same thing happens in the recruiting world. You think everything goes well from your initial pre-screen and you end up submitting a resume over to a client and BAM! The client wants to request an interview with your candidate. So you call, and call, and call…but you never receive a response. As much as it does suck this does happen at times, however, regardless of the outcome it does show you that something did work. So keep trying.

It’s Official

Dating: After all the attempts with people in the past. The awkward silences, the check ups to see if they’ve read your message, wondering if you should call, or wondering if he/she even likes you. Doesn’t matter. They are yours. Things feel well, and after some spending time together, you decide this is “the one”. You pop the question and the other person, goes “Yes”. Score. You win. Go live your life.

Recruiting: You’ve made it through the interview process and the hiring manager decides that they finally want to make it official and offer you the role. All the times you were ghosted, wondering if you were being too needy, or not confident enough, it all doesn’t feel so bad anymore. This one is yours. Your adrenaline starts pumping and you get excited as you call your candidate. The manager wants to offer you the position (AKA Popping you the question). You decide to say yes and like that, you are set. Go on and have some fun.


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


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